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Selling a Yacht Within 30 Days: Our Proven Strategies Revealed

Selling a used yacht can sometimes be a timely process often taking several months or longer. Various factors, such as market timing, pricing, vessel quality, and logistics can contribute to the length of time it takes to sell a yacht.

However, there are strategies you can implement to help with the sale of your yacht. Last summer, we successfully sold a yacht within just 30 days of listing —a testament to effective techniques. 

Sunseeker Manhattan 52

Here's how the sale unfolded:

First and foremost, the yacht was meticulously maintained, serviced, and cared for, impressing potential buyers during viewings. Its turnkey condition eliminated the need for additional work or expenses, making it an attractive option for buyers.

The seller heeded our advice and priced the vessel competitively for the market, ensuring it garnered significant interest from potential buyers. She was also listed during mid-summer, which can also help attract someone looking for an immediate purchase. 

To further enhance the yacht's appeal, professional marketing materials—including high-quality photos and videos were created to showcase the vessel in an enticing and upscale manner.

With the yacht attractively presented and priced appropriately, we received substantial interest and quality offers from potential buyers.

When presenting the seller with offers, we guided negotiations, facilitating a swift and mutually beneficial deal.

Once contracts were signed, the sea trial and survey proceeded smoothly. Thanks to the yacht's impeccable maintenance history, no further negotiations were necessary, expediting the closing process.

Additionally, we arranged for shipping from Mallorca to Scandinavia for the buyer, ensuring a seamless transition.

Ultimately, the seller was pleased with the quick sale and favourable return, while the buyer acquired a yacht in excellent condition and delivered promptly to their location.

While not every transaction unfolds as smoothly, certain steps can increase the likelihood of a successful sale:

  • Maintain the yacht in top condition throughout its lifespan, regardless of its age.

  • Price the yacht realistically based on market conditions and expert advice.

  • Invest in professional marketing materials to highlight the yacht's features and allure.

  • Approach negotiations with openness and reasonableness, heeding the advice of experienced brokers.

  • Collaborate with the brokerage to facilitate additional steps, such as shipping or purchasing a new vessel.

If you're ready to take action and sell your yacht, reach out to us today via WhatsApp at +34 711 02 14 65 to get started promptly.


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